Here’s Why The Suicide Squad Will Make For An Excellent Film.

Superhero team-ups are all cool and exciting, be it Justice League or the Avengers. But, come on…they bring a lot of melodrama and goody two shoes emotions with them. Well, technically the Avengers are less on the melodrama than the Justice League…anyway must not get into the Marvel vs DC conflict.

Then you have normal heist movie team-ups like the Fast & The Furious series. Well, they are raunchy and fun. But what truly makes for a totally bad-ass team up? Supervillains!

And the Suicide Squad is the raunchiest super powered team up one could assemble.

What have we here? Deadshot, Rick Flagg, Boomerang, Enchantress, Harley frickin’ Quinn and…the Joker!

Screenshot (4640)

So, the 1st reason for Suicide Squad’s success is: Harley and the Joker together.


They are played by Margot Robbie and Jared Leto…two excellent actors who have the right looks, ample eccentricity and the charisma to pull it off.


I have already mentioned how Jared Leto is the perfect Joker. His immaculate Joker laugh, his facial features, his lanky frame and his success at being a great method actor…he is a showman…an eccentric showman, and isn’t that what the Joker is all about?


Margot Robbie. She is a beauty with the right amount of crazy in her. I remember there was a scene in The Wolf of Wall Street..when she speaks exactly like Harley Quinn…eerie right? When she was conversing with Leonardo di Caprio, teasing him.


I cannot wait to see the two hit it off on screen. Filming for the Suicide Squad starts in April this year. And the film releases in August 2016, a perfect birthday gift for me!

Then there are the other aspects of the Suicide Squad. A chance to see a band of villains with fiery egos trying to work together while creating a grand spectacle of destruction….don’t we love supervillain team-ups? All those fanboys at Screenrant saying this film will bomb are fools. This film will be a runaway success!

I want to see Harley being Harley…I hope any of you readers are reading the ongoing Harley Quinn series…there are 13 chapters out already and a Christmas special too. That Christmas one is a treat, if you know what I mean.

Secondly, I like Will Smith as Deadshot. As opposed to fanboys complaining over the change of race, Floyd Lawton in Batman: Assault on Arkham wasn’t exactly a Caucasian fellow and he looked similar to Will Smith. So, we mustn’t be complaining.

Rick Flagg and Boomerang will both be great conflict makers; they will have their very own squabbles and contests with Deadshot.

The Enchantress is a sexy one, though I do not mean Harley is any less sexy. But, it will be refreshing to see a magical element to the DC Cinematic Universe. I think she will have traits of Poison Ivy as well.

Thirdly, it is David Ayer directing. If anyone has seen Fury, they will know how good Ayer is at assembling rag tag mercenaries. And he knows how to choreograph his fight scenes. He loves assemble films and films with guns. Its his treat and he will share the goods with us gleefully. The film is in safe hands. Fury was an awesome film to watch. Ayer is both directiing and writing the script for the film. I am glad.

Fourthly, there will be a Batman cameo! Heck, if anyone has seen Assault on Arkham it could mean that it would be more than just a cameo for Batfleck. How bloody cool is that!

Fifthly, we will see this directly tie in with the future movies, with a potential brief conflict between The Joker and Batman.

I am losing my breath with nerdgasms right now.

Sixthly, there will be a cameo from Lex Luthor.

And Seventhly: Amanda Waller. Her name is enough.

To conclude, I think this will be the most entertaining DC film in the entire DC Universe…not grim and sombre and  tense, it’d be badass…with real badasses helming it.

Bring on the Suicide Squad Amanda Waller!

~ Zalysar Cuvegis


In An Alternate DC Cinematic Universe…

In a beautiful alternate dimension:

A 6’4 Ben Affleck’s Stilts addled 6’7 Beefy Batman,
A 6’1 Henry Cavill’s Beefy Superman,
A 6’4 Jason Momoa’s Long Beardy Smirking Beefy Aquaman,
A 6’3 Idris Elba’s Baritoned Beefy Green Lantern,
A 6’2 Grant Gustin’s Older and Smarter Flash,
A 6’0 Benedict Cumberbatch’s Menacingly baritoned Martian Manhunter,
A 6’1 Stephen Amell’s much older Shakespearen Goatee sporting Arrow,
A 5’6 Katee Sackhoff’s Curvy Wonder Woman,
A 5’9 Erin Cumming’s Hawkgirl,

They stand parallel to each other facing….

A 6’2 Mark Strong’s Sinister Beefy Lex Luthor smirking sinisterly adjusting his $1000 tie, upright and haughty and speaking with supreme suave, “Gentlemen – and ladies – shall we begin?”

While A Darkseid voiced and mo-cap’d by Richard Armitage
and a Brainiac voiced and mo-cap’d by Hugo Weaving
and a Doomsday voiced and mo-cap’d by Lee Pace….
and a Metallo played by Matthew McConaughey….
and a Ra’s Al Ghul played by Liam Neeson…
and a Reverse Flash played by Jared Leto…

stare together and surround the Justice League from all sides…

and Joker played by Daniel-Day Lewis walks in dancing looking like the Killing Joke’s Crown Prince of Crime and says,
“Why So Serious?”

Ovaries and Bollocks explode and DC Cinematic Universe ends all competition in the world that could ever be.

Purely, a dream that is too good to be true. A dream I wish was a reality.

I will stop now.


~ Zalysar Cuvegis