Marvel Phase 4 & 5: The Beyonder, Heroic Thanos & Greater Universal Threats

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Major Spoilers concerning Marvel Phase 4 and 5!

Alright, I know you will read the spoilers. After all, who isn’t tempted to even though one hates to?

So, here goes.

Thanos does not die at the end of the Infinity War.

He becomes an ally instead.

Thanos, though once wiping out half the sentient life in the universe, is not an outright villain. He is more of an anti-hero. Why? Because even though he did destroy half the universe once, he saved the whole of four times after.

When his mad love for lady Death ended in not so ceremonial way, he decides to become a lone farmer and sought redemption for his acts. Because Nebula had restored all that was destroyed, nobody really died and everyone eventually ended up being safe.


Thanos then becomes the guardian of the reality gem and successfully thwarts both Magus and the Goddess and the inter-universal consuming entity to save the universe.

The Infinity War isn’t a single cosmic event; it is the second of the six cosmic events in the Marvel Universe. And technically the event that is to be shown in the 2018 and 2019 films is not the Infinity War, rather Infinity Gauntlet. It starts with Thanos’ Quest and ends with Thanos’ exile.


So even though Thanos – The Mad Titan – was the villain of the first and second events, he was the saviour in the rest.

We will be introduced to cosmic entities like The Celestials, Galactus, Lord Chaos and Master Order, The Living Tribunal, Eternity, Infinity, manifestations of love and desire et cetera.

Saying all that let’s speculate story-lines for the Marvel Cinematic Universe post Infinity War.

Marvel Phase 4: The Secret War/Beyonder Saga


After a universe spanning 21 films until the Infinity War, many would think there will not be any content of epic proportions to adapt. But, as mentioned above, there is much more.

I truly believe that the rights for the Fantastic Four will return to Marvel sooner rather than later. The reboot will sink. People will boycott it and unassuming viewers will not be too excited because of how sucky its marketing is.

When the rights will return to Marvel, we will have the Skrull, Galactus, the Silver Surfer and Doctor Doom at our disposal.


Doctor Victor Von Doom was heavily involved in the Infinity War and he is a scientific, psychological and supernatural threat. He is one of the most revered and famousest (that’s a word…the Hobbits use it) villains of all time. What better honour for him than being the inspiration for Darth Vader?

But a true threat for the heroes will come in the form of the Beyonder. He was once an Inhuman (also a mutant) who was exposed to the Terrigen Mists and his Terrigenesis bestowed upon him godlike powers. The memory of his existence was erased from the minds of Blackbolt and everybody else.


He creates an alternate reality within himself. He then becomes infatuated and obsessed with the lives of Earthlings. He throws a trap for our heroes and transports them to another galaxy; he also intrigues and ensnares the villains and eventually pits heroes and villains against each other on a new planet called Battleworld with the promise of a great reward.

He is usurped by the overly ambitious Doctor Doom who in turn is thwarted by the Beyonder and soon after both are vanquished by the heroes. Once defeated therein, he returns to Earth to study mankind and experience love. After several convoluted plots he enters a Sanctum Sanctorum and creates an alternate universe for himself. But he is confronted and defeated there as well and turns into a cosmic cube.

This could be the plot for the fourth and fifth Avengers films. Characters like Doctor Strange and the Inhumans are directly involved in this conflict. And this will lead into Phase 5 which is the Infinity Crusade.

Marvel Phase 5: The Infinity Crusade


When Adam Warlock takes the Infinity Gauntlet, he decides to nullify his emotions and his will to be good and bad so as to be a neutral judge akin to the Living Tribunal. But, in doing so he created two sentient entities called the Magus and the Goddess.

The Magus was the villain of the Infinity War and the Goddess of the Infinity Crusade.

The Infinity Crusade Part 1

The Magus is a malevolent entity who wants to end all life for the sake of ending all life. He creates doppelgängers of the heroes and villains and goes after the Cosmic Cubes. Their working is similar to that of the Infinity Gauntlet. He collects the five cosmic cubes, incapacitates the cosmic entity Eternity and creates an inter-dimensional realm from where he creates evil duplicates of everybody else, including Thanos. (See? I told you Thanos isn’t a hard-core baddie)


The Magus, Adam Warlock’s malevolent entity

Thanos discovers the plot set by the Magus and apprises Warlock of it. Galactus, who again isn’t an outright villain, investigates along with Earth’s heroes and attempts to revive Eternity because the entity is needed to petition the Living Tribunal, who had the use of the Infinity Gems in unison. If the Gauntlet was reactivated, the heroes could erase the Magus existence.


After several mini events on Earth and elsewhere, the story climaxes with Quasar, the Magus, Warlock, Thanos, Doctor Doom and Kang the Conqueror vying for the cosmic cubes.

Doom and Kang approach Magus after searching for the cosmic power’s source.

The Magus captures Adam Warlock and the inactive gauntlet. They battle each other and Warlock loses the fight. Magus is severely weakened and attempts to use the cosmic cubes but finds the containment units stolen. Doom betrays Kang and demands Magus to relinquish the gauntlet.

Warlock Chronicles #3   2

Coincidentally Eternity is revived and convinces The Living Tribunal to reactivate the gauntlet. A near omnipotent Magus defeats Doom and erases Quasar’s existence. Thanos enters the scene, battling his doppelgänger and distracting Magus. Adam Warlock grapples the Magus for the gauntlet and releases a composite being made of Eternity and his twin Infinity. This being incapacitates the Magus and Warlock traps him in the Soul Gem. But Warlock – spending most of his energy – falls into a coma.

Thanos reveals to the assembled heroes that Magus had never gained true omnipotence. Thanos had replaced the Reality Gem with a convincing fake and declares that he had always been the secret guardian of the Reality Gem. The heroes return to Earth as everything is turned back to normal.

The Infinity Crusade Part 2

The Infinity War story ends with the Goddess collecting the containment units and in the Infinity Crusade we find that she has created a new planet Paradise Omega with the help of the cosmic egg. She brainwashes many of the Earth’s heroes and recruits them for her army.


Her aim is to end all evil. Professor X (who could be replaced by Doctor Strange in this movie version), Thanos and Adam Warlock join forces and plan an assault on the Goddess’ defences. They are thwarted by Moondragon and Professor X goes into a state of coma.

Thanos and Warlock are approached by Mephisto, who gives them vital information regarding the Goddess in exchange of a containment unit. They agree.

Thanos assembles the heroes of Earth and frees the Silver Surfer from the control of the Goddess. The Silver Surfer destroys the planet’s defences. Thanos using his telepathic powers attacks the Goddess the very moment she decides to activate her plan. She was determined to rewrite all existence in order to nullify evil itself.

Infinity Crusade

But she was tricked into it by Warlock, who had created an illusion in order to make her reveal her true intentions to the heroes of Earth. Thanos, Warlock and Professor X (here Doctor Strange) attack the Goddess on the spiritual plane, where the cubes have no power, and trap her inside the Soul Gem.

The heroes return to Earth as the battle is undone by the Cosmic Egg. Thanos deems that the power of the Cosmic Egg mustn’t be used by anyone else. Thanos takes one of the cosmic cubes to Mephisto to deliver the promised payment. He then destroys the Paradise Omega and the Egg, making the artefact useless for Mephisto.

Hence, Thanos saves the universe time and again and receives full redemption for his previous acts of jealous love.

This could effectively end Phase 5 and also the Marvel Cinematic Universe itself. It will also be enough to make films until 2028 as Marvel has already planned.

Let me know your opinions. I could have added several other mini plotlines, but it would only make this already long post a saga. I guess I’ll write another piece on those itty bitty details.

~ Zalysar Cuvegis/The Mad Bard


The Misunderstood Obscure: An Analysis of Marvel’s Inhumans

Only now are most people getting to know the Inhumans. And the popular word for them? Marvel’s answer to Fox’s X-Men films.

They cannot be more wrong, can they? It is an outright slap to their identity. This very indifference and ignorance and dismissal as just another obscure product is also uncannily the driving plot of the Inhumans storyline in the comics.

The Inhumans are my favourite Marvel title and my most favourite non-fantasy fictional race. I have an obsessive infatuation with the Inhumans and I cannot be more restless to see Blackbolt’s wrath uncorked and Medusa bind us all in her majesty.

In this lengthy blogpost, I will attempt to squeeze in complete character details, history of the Inhumans and speculate how the plot for the film could be.


Created by Jack Kirby and Stan Lee, it was a beloved new title in the increasingly popular Marvel comics in 1965. They were still on semi-campy side of things back then until a 12 issues limited series by Paul Jenkins and Jae Lee from November 1998-October 1999 completely changed the game. The Inhumans were suddenly become a philosophical, scientific and grim title.

Paul Jenkins and Jae Lee did justice and realised the potential of the Inhumans in its truest form. The Inhumans were now characters with the most depth and pathos. This limited edition title consequently became my favourite series in Marvel Comics in terms of depth, along with Doctor Strange.

The Inhumans are not similar to the X-Men and it is actually speculated that the X-Men are an offshoot of the Inhumans. They have now been introduced to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Marvel’s Agents of Shield. We have met Quake (Daisy Johnson/Skye) and Raina, who most probably is Tigra. We have also seen an eyeless man, who is a recent Inhuman, teased in the finale of Agents of Shield’s winter break titled “What They Become.”

It is really exciting to know that there will be a complete, extended plot solely focusing on the Inhumans in the second half of the season and that it will continue in the third season as well. We are in 2015 and will get the Inhumans feature film in November 2018. It is a very smart move by Marvel to replace the void left by X-Men and bettering it in the course with the Inhumans. It is excellent; we will have the Inhumans familiarized to us with Agents of Shield’s protagonist Skye and in their own way explore the myth and history of this glorious race before we are introduced to the royal family on the big screen.

And then we shall have the Inhumans join forces with the Avengers, the Defenders and the Guardians against Thanos.

So, let me brief you on their history as a race.


Origin Of The Inhumans

They were lab rats for the technologically super advanced military alien race Kree during the time when they were embroiled in an inter galactic war with the Skrull, another highly advanced alien race. They were stationed on the planet Uranus, as it was a strategic base camp. They were apprised of a sentient race created by the Celestials on planet Earth. They conducted experiments on the primitive Homo Sapiens and altered their genetic composition so that they can use these earthlings for espionage, assassination and various levels of infiltration against the Skrull and other alien empires. Their experiments basically gave humans the ability to copy form and powers of different races…so that they can send these experiments as inside men for infiltration.

They abruptly abandoned experiments because a prophecy warned them that their experiments will evolve to a point where they will usurp and collapse the Kree Supreme Intelligence.

The Terrigen Mists, and the Terrigen Crystals are the key to unlock the genetic evolution in the Inhumans. It is a ceremonial rite to enter the Terrigen pods and evolve.

The Inhuman Social Structure

The Inhumans have always lived in secrecy, away from the rest of humanity in their hidden city of Attilan, once rooted and now floating. They have had domains in the heart of the Himalayas, upon Atlantis, the Blue Side of the Moon and in outer space. They are technologically more advanced than anything on Planet Earth. Their technology of course is alien in origin and comes from the Kree; hence their city is shielded and shrouded by an impenetrable force field.

They are believers of the caste system, and all Inhumans are segregated according to their genetic abilities and their use to the society. The Alpha Primitives are the primitive kind and are relegated to the underbelly of Attilan, tirelessly working on maintaining its many systems. They are led by the royal family.

The Royal Family


King Blackagar Boltagon (Blackbolt)

blacbolt closeup2

Their King’s name is Blackagar Boltagon. He is known commonly as Blackbolt. He is one of the strongest superheroes in all of Marvel Universe. He shrouds his unrelenting power in meditative silence. He is not too popular amongst those outside ultimate Marveldom, for reasons I still cannot deduce.

tumblr_n232q4xwti1qhpx4lo1_1280 Blackbolt is the manifestation of the title King. He is the embodiment of supreme empathy and responsibility. In a mishap that ended up in the death of his parents due to him, he lost his dimly joyous persona and made a lifelong nemesis in his very own brother Maximus, who – as a result of that mishap – lost his bearings and received the title of Maximus the Mad.

He exercises sovereignty over electrons, manipulating them at his will. He wields within his unassuming throat a force so devastating that at his full strength his single scream can destroy planets in its wake. And his cries are enough to sunder the earth and crumble mountains. His whisper can rock a enormous battleship.

His hypersonic scream is the reason why he meditates every night to make sure he does not utter a sigh in his sleep. His greatest strength – feared by one and all in the universe – is also his vulnerability. Afraid of his nihilistic speech, Blackbolt never speaks and is at caution at all times. He cannot laugh at a joke, he cannot cry, he cannot sneeze, he cannot cough. He is doomed to remain in absolute silence. And this is what makes him so great – his sacrifice.

Blackagar Boltagon The Black Bolt

Blackagar Boltagon The Black Bolt

His electron manipulation also grants him otherworldly powers apart from hypersonic scream. His terrigen-mist induced physique is abnormally strong – even for Inhumans. His reflexes, his durability, his strength and stamina; his agility and his speed; his concussive blasts…they are way beyond the likes of super powered Inhumans.

The Scream of Death

The Scream of Death

An organic mechanism in his brain’s speech centre enables him to harness electrons in the very atmosphere. His quasi-sonic scream is one such effect.

The antenna – which looks like a fork – is worn on his forehead and helps him channel his powers in various ways. He can channel them inwards and enhance his strength and speed, can render himself immune to telepathic manipulation and focus the same through his arms to unleash concussive blasts.

He can concentrate electrons into anti-electrons and travel at speeds up to 500 miles per hour without slowing down for up to 6 hours – protected by anti-graviton force field. This gave him the title Black Bolt.

He can also create impenetrable force fields and and manifest interaction fields that are able enough to be traversed upon successfully.


Black Bolt has been undefeated in battle and has brought down the likes of Apocalypse, Thanos, The Hulk. He is known to surrender to his foes on several occasions for the sake of sparing everyone else from his true wrath.

Queen Medusalith Amaquelin Boltagon (Medusa)

Medusa the Ethereal

Medusalith Amaquelin Boltagon. A Queen to the people of Attilan and a wife to the majestic Blackbolt. Her gorgeous rouge tresses are the vines of death. She is revered by both friends and foes and her beauty is subject to the lust of Maximus the Mad, the estranged brother of Blackagar.

infinity-medusa She has always been the voice of Blackbolt to the commonwealth and the rest of the world and the voice of reason to her husband. She has always been the one person to calm all his qualms and give him the mental and spiritual support, she is his pillar and his only romance. She looks over all matters of the state with a regal confidence. She has high moral values and is the fiercest of warriors, particularly when her family and allies are under threat.

The most powerful royal couple to ever live.

She was granted the power of psionically animated hair by the Terrigen Mists. When compared to an iron wire, her tresses are several times stronger, more elastic and resistant. She can lift insane amounts of weight with her hair. Her body does not bear the brunt of any weight that she undertakes to lift. Rather, it is the psionic power of her hair that balances it all. She can assign independent tasks to every lock of hers and can extend their length to her liking. tumblr_mqxbvmGApZ1qiknbco1_500

She also can control her tresses even after they are severed from her head. This was showcased in the penultimate volume of The Inhumans 1998-1999 series where she brought down a generator with her hair even after Maximus the Mad had chopped her hair. Maximus is also in love with Medusa, to aptly put it: a mad love. Medusa shares no such feelings for him.

She has had stints with the Fantastic Four and the Avengers, and was actually introduced firstly in a Fantastic Four issue.

She also happens to be one of my favourite superheroes.

Crystalia Amaquelin (Crystal) 


Crystalia Amaquelincommonly known as Crystal, is the most social and outgoing Inhuman. Younger sister of Medusa, she has been a long time girlfriend of the Human Torch (of the Fantastic Four) and the Avenger Sentry and has married the Mutant Quicksilver – and birthed a daughter – and divorced the speedster, and then she married again, this time to the Kree Warlord Ronan the Accuser.

She is the most popular Inhuman amongst comic book fans due to her alliances with different superhero teams. She has played an active role in several story lines. She has lived with the Fantastic Four and is usually traversing the United States of America with her lovers.

Arachne-01 She is also an established Avenger. Youngest of the royal family and most exposed to the outside world, she usually brings a better understanding of both sides to each other. She is a friend to the royal family watchdog Lockjaw.

She has also been on the other side of the coin, forsaking all alliances – even her marriage – except to her true family – the Inhumans. She fought against S.H.I.E.L.D and the Mighty Avengers when the Inhumans – under extreme pressure of the united nations and conspirators – declared war upon the United States of America as an act of retaliation.

Crystal_002 She can mentally manipulate the four elements: Fire, Water, Earth and Air. Like Blackbolt, she can psionically interact with molecules of the aforementioned elements. She can spontaneously cause fire by controlling the molecules present in oxygen and can douse any flame that thrives upon oxygen by depriving it of its molecules. Hence, she could render the Human Torch useless if confronted. War_of_Kings_Warriors_Vol_1_2_Textless

She can also create rain by summoning hydrogen and oxygen molecules from the atmosphere within a two miles radius and joining them. She can also animately control water by manipulating its surface tension, diving it from the ground and bending its movement to her will. She can control up to 15,000 gallons of water in one time, and that is just under observation. But it also means that she cannot alter the course of rivers or sunder seas.

e0a5b9780a83dddfc96e527ebd11ad00 When concerning the Earth, she can manipulate iron, granite, limestone, shale and all substances that collectively come under bedrock. This ability can be used to create seismic tremors that hit a 6.7 on the Richter scale, and can exceed if there are any tectonic plate fault lines in her vicinity. This very act can cause a sudden shifting of the earth for a volume of 1/800 cubic mile. That is enough to have a contest with Gorgon.

She is also a master manipulator and harbinger of tempests; controlling oxygen atoms and molecules containing oxygen she can summon different storms by intermingling them with other elements such as earth, air and fire and creating dust-storms, typhoons and firestorms. And solely in control of air molecules, she can rip apart towns with Category 5 tornadoes.

Prince Maximus the Mad 


He is the Marvel equivalent of the Joker. He loves Chaos and has an unhealthy obsession for tormenting his brother Maximus, much like how the Clown Prince of Crime tortures the Dark Knight. By law, he has the right to the throne of Attilan; but by common sense he isn’t fit to hold any office. He is diabolically schizophrenic and a pure yet tainted genius. He has no physical super powers…but he does possess an ability that usurps those of the rest: Mind Control.  That isn’t a good power to have for a psychopath.

Maximus_(by_Greg_Land) As an infant, he was exposed to the Terrigen Mists. But unlike his brother, whose psionic voice caused apparent damage and led to his incarceration, Maximus showed no change at all. But his psionic abilities matured with age well shrouded, his antisocial behaviour was noticeable to all though. When Blackbolt was released from protective custody at the age of 16, Maximus tried to make him unleash his voice. Soon after, Blackbolt caught Maximus conspiring with a Kree emissary. Blackbolt, in his attempt to stop the emissary from fleeing, unleashed his hypersonic voice which lead to the crashing of the spacecraft upon the parliament building. There were maximum casualties, including the death of his parents. But his voice also accelerated and awakened the unstable cells in Maximus and rendered him mad.

Blackbolt, though aggrieved, was ascended to the throne; Maximus opposed his brother’s claim and accused him of genocide and vowed to usurp him to the title. Thus began their rivalry. Ever since that day he plotted his brother’s downfall with obsessive discipline and also lusted and sought Medusa. His plans were always thwarted and he was incarcerated in a special cell underneath the palace. But he did eventually manage to usurp and won favour of the people, effectively rendering his brother’s claim void and sending him and the royal family in exile.

First Minister Karnak (The Shatterer) 


Cousin of Blackbolt, just like Medusa, he is the strategist of the royal family. He never went through terrigenises because of the mishap with his brother Triton. He instead went to a monastery to master meditation and focus, and has helped Blackbolt with the same on several occasions. He is a martial artist who is so supremely intelligent that he can find the weakest spot in any object: animate or inanimate and exploit it to shattering effect. Hence the title The Shatterer. He exudes inhuman levels of calmness and composure in the most stressful environments. He is calculating and well learned. He is the brains of the family to summarize.

Commander Gorgon (The Sunderer)


He also is a cousin to the King,  his father the brother of the previous King Agon. He was exposed to the Terrigen mists as a teenager and received hooves that could create seismic waves. They are disastrous in nature and can sunder the very earth beneath his feet up to miles. He has the standard superhuman strength of his race but is highly adept in hard hitting combat. He is the personal bodyguard of the King and also trains all those who have recently gone through Terrigenisis.  



Triton was exposed to the mists as an infant. It turned his skin green and scaly and fishlike and took away his ability to breathe in a non aquatic environment. But it also gave him the ability to breathe underwater, survive extremely cold temperatures, stay unaffected in the deepest pits of the ocean, aquatic vision, flexibility and agility. He lived in a specially designed area of Attilan. He was given an apparatus to breathe outside water, which was cumbersome; and then Maximus made an easy to carry apparatus.

Lockjaw (The Royal Guard Dog) 


Born on the island of Atlantis where Attilan was once situated, Lockjaw is an Inhuman giant bulldog who serves as the teleporter to the royal family. He is an unassuming yet fierce protector of the throne. Though manipulated by Maximus the Mad on a couple of occasions, he has otherwise been of aid in times of great need, escorting the family from different places in the galaxy back to earth and vice versa. 3501690-crystal+from+girl+comics+02

He has the powers of teleportation, super strength, precognition, prolonged durability to attacks and matter ingestion. He is friendly in nature and acts like a puppy. He is Crystal’s favourite but also hangs around with Blackbolt, Gorgon and Medusa a lot.

He saved the royal family and Attilan from total destruction during the invasion secretly plotted by Maximus and the humans. He restored and stabilized the systems in the kingdom and teleported people from harm’s vicinity.

What Could the Plot For The Inhumans Film Possibly Be?


It is common knowledge that the Inhumans film will be released on November the 4th, 2018 as one of the tail-end films of Marvel Phase 3.

Now, because it is being introduced so late in the game, and mind you – after Avengers: Infinity War Part 1, it is most likely that there won’t be an isolated plot.

By the time the film releases we will already have more than two years of Inhumans fed to the public via Marvel’s Agents of Shield. And also Captain Marvel – who gains her powers from the Kree. We have already received the introduction, have seen the Terrigenesis happen: the terrigen mists, the terrigen crystals, the diviner, the ancient kree city, four Inhumans.

So, when the film releases it won’t be a shock and awe or here-is-a-new-title track to it. It is also likely that the Inhumans will not be in nestling in the Himalayas and will be on the blue side of the moon or floating in space as they are currently.

Here are the possible directions the film will take:

1) There will be an alliance between Maximus the Mad and Thanos via an intermediary: Mephisto. There could possibly be an Infinity Stone under the possession of the people of Attilan.

2) There will be a full blown Kree-Inhumans war initiated by Thanos. The Kree, under Thanos, might suggest the Mad Titan to empower them and confiscate their former test subjects to use as thralls.

3) If in case the Inhumans are indeed nestled on Earth, then there could be the whole plot similar to the 1998-1999 series where Maximus allies with conspirators to expose Attilan to the world and there is great uproar and fright amongst the citizens of Earth and after a long tussle, the Inhumans leave Earth for the blue side of the moon.

4) An amalgamation of all three mentioned above. An initial conflict on Earth leading to exile from the planet, then an attack by the Kree for the confiscation of the race or/and an Infinity Stone.

I’m still trying to figure how exactly the events of Avengers Infinity War will take place.

A) Will Thanos make landfall on Earth


B) Will the film focus on Thanos getting hold of the gauntlet and collecting all Infinity Stones from around the Universe? Because, there are 6 of them and currently Thanos has none. Power Gem is with the Nova Corps, Mind Gem is in the sceptre in possession of Hydra, Space Gem is in Asgard in the vaults, Reality Gem is with the Collector. Two others are yet to be introduced: Soul Gem and Time Gem.

Nevertheless, it is certain that the Inhumans film will not concentrate on an intimate intra state storyline concerning Maximus’ coup. Its events will be in direct link with the Infinity War and their revelation to mankind. Mayhap the climax of the film will have Blackbolt use his hypersonic scream and destroy the Kree forces.

And then when Avengers: Infinity War Part 2 releases, we can have Blackbolt annihilate Thanos’ minions and have a fist fight with the Mad Titan himself.

To conclude, I strongly suggest people to read the 1998-1999 12 part series titled Inhumans. Its amazing and awesome.

~ Zalysar Cuvegis.

How Marvel’s Black Panther Will Bring Respect To Superhero Films

There are superheroes like Captain America, Batman, Green Arrow, Superman, Wolverine, Iron-Man…Hulk.

And then there is Black Panther.

He isn’t a science experiment. He isn’t a Super Soldier. He isn’t an X-Man. He is no Billionaire Playboy. He is no Alien.

He is a King.

King T’Challa of Wakanda.

A man who pours hot wax on his enemies and stamps regal authority.

And he isn’t no clichéd White man nor is he a coloured man living in some adopted nation. He is T’Challa. He is the king of the world’s most technologically advanced nation. He is a man who is well versed in numerous languages. He is sound in his arguments and boasts superior intelligence to his peers. He is an alumni of the world’s most prestigious universities and leader of the Panther clan.

He is Black Panther. He is no loony superhero with a vengeance or a twisted definition of justice wearing tights and prancing around running away from authorities. He is a king. And people often forget this.

Screenshot (5621)

Christopher Priest, one of the comic book greats, had a long run on Black Panther. As the third volume of this iconic king of Wakanda, Priest penned Black Panther (62 issues, 1998-2003) and gave T’Challa real substance. An unmatched respect amongst Earthlings. Even the mighty Thor has to yawp and remind people who he is…an Asgardian Prince..and people still take him for granted. But never with T’Challa. He calls the Avengers his friends but is never really part of the superhero band. He never plays anyone’s tune. He marches on his own leitmotif.

Screenshot (5622)

Hence, the Black Panther film will be really important to not only the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but to the image of Comic Book Movies itself. It will bring respect to the comic book industry. And we have Christopher Priest’s excellent character development to thank for.

And I’m really glad that Marvel respect the work done by Priest and in that honour they have soundly cast Chadwick Boseman as T’Challa. Chadwick is a classy actor. He knows how to carry himself around. Having been the star of two acclaimed biopics, one concerning an African-American’s struggle and overcoming of racial segregation in early 1900’s America…it is commendable that Marvel saw in him the King and quickly declared him as the Black Panther.

The Black Panther storyline itself is a game changer. Aye, there have been several superheroes of coloured origin in comic books. But have any of them really stood out of the clichés that surround their races? I do not think so. There have been Muslim superheroes and superheroines, and African-Americans, and several others….but they’ve all given off a vibe of *O yeah…we are here to fill the equality vacuum*. It is only the Black Panther who really commands true and untainted authority. Intelligence. He is a brilliant character. He is a hard act to follow, someone who is worthy to look up to.

Screenshot (5623)

Let me brief you on his history.

The Black Panther comics are very gritty in the manner that they are political and social in nature. They deal with the issues of inequality, rights of the commonwealth and other matters that concern the people. It is semi noir in nature and intelligently written.

T’Challa is the king of Wakanda, a fictional African nation the size of New Jersey. Wakanda – in Marvel Universe – is the most technologically advanced nation on earth. It is the only source of the magic metal Vibranium; the aforementioned metal has absorbing abilities, also it is impenetrable. Any blow against the metal leads to the metal absorbing the vibrations and the force that comes with the impact and strengthening itself even more. Captain America’s shield is made of the same metal, acquired by Iron Man’s father Howard Stark, albeit in questionable circumstances. It is also the same metal that the evil AI Ultron is made of.

Apart from being a mine for Vibranium, Wakanda boasts technological advancement in several aspects of science, medicine, security and engineering. Wakandan engineers are pure geniuses. Wakanda is respected and feared all over the world…it is always hidden from foreigners…just a wee less than Attilan…and has a tight foreign policy.

The people of Wakanda do not trust foreigners easily….and rightly so. They say the outside world is corrupted beyond repair and has not only forgotten basic morality but has also sadly forsaken humanity. They like to keep their country a safe haven for good will. Captain America loves it there.

T’Challa was crowned when he was just 14. His father T’Chaka died at the hands of Ulysses Klaw, T’Challa’s arch-nemesis played by Andy Serkis of Gollum/Smeagol fame in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

T’Challa had received super strength, agility and immensely sharp senses through the consumption of a rare flower’s extracts. He was also anointed leader of the Panther clan, a spiritual and military faction of Wakanda, revered by one and all therein.

Hence, he has no superhero costume. The cat-suit he wears is a ceremonial garb and his name Black Panther is a title bestowed unto him by the sacred Panther Spirits.

T’Challa is a calculating man; he is a philanthropist, a scientist, an engineer, a martial artist, and a man boasting an I.Q equal to Sherlock Holmes. He is a clairvoyant solely through practice. He foresees politics and danger much before it is executed.

He is uncompromising in his values. He is a man who is all about staying true to his values and ethics. He is focused, resolute and unwavering.

He is often unrestrained when he puts his mind to something. He never issues an apology for controversial decisions that need to be taken in times of turmoil. He looks to the greater good, always counting potential casualty.

Such a hero…a king of an African nation unspoilt by any invasion from the west, a man whose nation stands on its own feet with no aid from any outside source. A hero who needn’t run away or hide from any authority; a man who isn’t an alien to earth, a man who is someone from amongst us yet superior.

boseman1-the-black-panther-chadwick-boseman-speaks He is a hero movie-goers do not need, but a hero we all truly deserve. It will be a delight to see Chadwick Boseman deal with the likes of the determined loyalist Hunter, the looney psychopathic schizophrenic murdering usurper Achebe and his arch nemesis, foe of his kin, slayer of the king, robber of his father’s soul, treacherous ambitious selfish man of heartless science: Ulysses Klaw.

serkispanther Screenshot (5619)

And aye…it will be a lot of fun to see our very dear Mister Ross too. (I smiled). Ross is the narrator of Black Panther’s adventures and exploits in the comic books written by Christopher Priest. He is a White House representative, an Oxford alumni who is a wunderkid, a strong lawyer…but also a geeky, nerdy, half shy-half cocky happy go lucky doof, a personal ambassador and representative of the United States to King T’Challa…and a great, loyal and adorable friend. He is Peter Parker with an acute angle. I cannot wait to see who is cast in that particular role. He is will be the comedy catalyst for the grim and rarely smiling T’Challa. Marvel films need to have comedy as must…and he is that doofus sidekick who will provide us with a ton of that.

Whatever storyline or storylines are used as inspirations for the live-action adaptation, it will be revolutionary. It is a shame that I need to wait till 2017 for the film. So long…so very long to wait.

~ Zalysar Cuvegis

Daniel Brühl to Play Mephisto in Captain America: Civil War, Doctor Strange & Avengers: Infinity War

I had been wondering how and when will we be introduced to the character of Mephisto in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He is the original politician, the supreme briber, the whisperer of chaos. And he corrupts the will of all – from a harmless child of eight in an alley in Brazil to the Mad Titan Thanos.

He is the trader of souls and a desirer of the Infinity Gems…and he has – throughout history – plotted the downfall of nations.

So, it would be very natural for Marvel to add him as a villain in Captain America: Civil War come 2016. And the casting of German-Spanish actor Daniel Brühl in an unnamed villainous role for the film – with possible antagonistic main role in the Doctor Strange film four months later – got my mind deducting (see what I did there?) . And within seconds – as I bent my will to create – I traversed to this fully formed plane of thought:

If Marvel have cast Daniel Brühl as Mephisto, it is a brilliant choice. The myth of Faustus and Mephistopheles, the source for the Marvel villain’s conception is German folklore. Daniel Brühl has a prevailing German accent and he is exactly the type of actor who can nail cunning egotistical villainous roles: much more than being Loki and exactly being the devil himself. Daniel Bruhl - 3

Daniel Brühl has that face, and particularly that smile (and that glint in his eyes when he does so) that by default gives you a vibe of “that man has something up his sleeve.” And his voice also is great for a sinister role.

In Captain America: Civil War, he can assume the role of adding faggots to the flame when the superheroes are embroiled in a cold war over the Superhuman Registration Act. He can be that whispering devil who can keep the embers lit, the man behind the shadows revelling in the collapse of superhuman brotherhood.

Mephisto loves chaos and discord, apart from hoarding souls. Daniel Brühl would relish this role for sure.

And then we can see Mephisto directly lead into Doctor Strange.

As is speculated, there won’t be any origin story to Doctor Strange…most likely flashbacks to it. And I believe that will be so as in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Doctor Stephen Strange is name dropped as someone who is considered a threat by HYDRA. It can only mean that he is an already established superhero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The only viable way for Kevin Feige and his knights – Scott Derrickson and co – to weave Doctor Strange with the rest of the films is by having Mephisto play a common threat.

It is very likely that Dormammu will not be the main villain in the first Doctor Strange film. And I for one do not want Baron Mordo to be the prime antagonist either. As much as I love everything about the Sorcerer Supreme’s world, I do not fancy Baron Mordo much.

So, a better choice would be to keep Mordo as a minion (as he always is) and keep Mephisto as the main threat. Mephisto can be shown as someone who has had the chance to get his hands on the Soul Gem. At the same time, Mephisto finds it a great opportunity – being given the seed of the vile thought by someone else (maybe Doctor Faustus the other Marvel villain)…to at first cause a great discord on Earth via the chaos of fluctuating desire…something which was a storyline in The Mystic Hands of Doctor Strange volume 1 (2010)…and then go for the Infinity Gem itself.

Screenshot (3012)

We can first see Doctor Strange tackle the issue of a collapsing economical and psychological system throughout the world, something which can be the byproduct of a Civil War which creates fear in people of Superheroes and Governments both and causes them to take matters in their own hands and fix the world itself. Of course no superhero or organisation knows how to stop this mysterious wave of rebellion and good will. But Doctor Strange knows that it is something that is being perpetuated by forces from the astral plane.


He will then investigate and tackle Doctor Faustus, who can be shown as the Doktor of the comic issue, by admitting himself in a mental asylum. Therein we can see in flashbacks how Doctor Strange came to be the Sorcerer Supreme. Benedict Cumberbatch can throw in bits of his Imitation Game and Van Gogh for this sequence. We can see these flashbacks during a confrontation with Doctor Faustus. As Doctor Faustus tries to mess with his mind, we will see Stephen Strange’s past.

Screenshot (3007)

After this sequence comes to an end, we can then see Doctor Strange face Mephisto. In his dealings and duellings with Mephisto, he unravels Mephisto’s plan to get hold of the Soul Gem.

This would lead Doctor Strange through several perils in the astral plane that we can enjoy (that sounds sadistic on my part, and yours too as you smiled as well. I know…I am a Sorcerer).

The Soul Gem is in the possession of Adam Warlock, who is imprisoned in the Soul Realm, and we can finally have a way to introduce Adam Warlock into the fold as well.


I do not know how the other elements will be tackled…but I’m guessing one of Strange’s great foes: Nightmare…will be featured in the movie as well. So…yes…Mephisto doesn’t have to be the only baddie of the film.


And at the end of the film – or somewhere in  its midst – we can see an interaction between Thanos and Mephisto and a plotting that can possibly lead to the acquisition of the Soul Gem by the Mad Titan. Maybe the failure to acquire the Soul Gem leads Mephisto to pledge his allegiance to Thanos for his own sinister purposes, as he has always desired to get a hold of all the Infinity Stones.


This way we will then have Mephisto established as the counsellor, first minister, whisperer of insanity to Thanos.

Fuelling the Mad Titan’s vain yet innocent desire to see the universe die to please his lover Lady Death and when – as it happens in the infinity saga – Thanos has all the gems in his hold, and has blasted his foes to nothingness, get the Infinity Gauntlet for himself and feast upon not only the gazillion souls Thanos forced to wander, but also the physical realm.


This sounds perfect to me a plot….connecting the human, the astral and the cosmic realms seamlessly through one entity who is almost always blamed for the cause of all things destructive and evil: the Devil Mephistopheles himself.

Disclaimer: If – by any chance this article does get a lot of viewership – I would request people posting the theory on other websites to cite the source of this theory…that is My Geekdom Come.

~ Zalysar Cuvegis/Rafi