Whiplash And Glee Actress Melissa Benoist Cast As Supergirl On CBS

Today is a great day for Geekdom.

Glee, Whiplash and Homeland actress Melissa Benoist was announced as Supergirl for the upcoming DC Comics superhero show on CBS.

melissa supes 2

She is a gorgeous actress who can hold the nerves and be Kara Zor-El.

According to Greg Berlanti and Ali Adler, Kara Zor-El in this adaptation comes from Krypton and is adopted by the Danvers and hence takes the name Kara Danvers. She is taught by the Danvers to keep her powers hidden and she feels disillusioned with life for behaving like a normal human, wearing spectacles and combing her hair back. And then she is forced to use her powers in public and it changes everything for her. She will follow a similar origin story to her more illustrious cousin Superman and the producers are sure that she will be a success story.

The supergirl show is described as a feminist detective drama. There are chances that Supergirl might end up in the DC Cinematic Universe, if the producers decide to keep it away from the DC TV Universe.

melissa supergirl

Supergirl will debut later this year on CBS and there are talks of a possible crossover with Arrow and Flash on the CW.

Melissa Benoist is a fun and talented actress, a Glee regular and had a small role in the Oscar nominated movie Whiplash starring Miles Teller.

Cannot wait for the show to debut.

Its a treat all the way indeed.

~ Zalysar Cuvegis

melissa superwoman

melissa collage

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How Marvel’s Black Panther Will Bring Respect To Superhero Films

There are superheroes like Captain America, Batman, Green Arrow, Superman, Wolverine, Iron-Man…Hulk.

And then there is Black Panther.

He isn’t a science experiment. He isn’t a Super Soldier. He isn’t an X-Man. He is no Billionaire Playboy. He is no Alien.

He is a King.

King T’Challa of Wakanda.

A man who pours hot wax on his enemies and stamps regal authority.

And he isn’t no clichéd White man nor is he a coloured man living in some adopted nation. He is T’Challa. He is the king of the world’s most technologically advanced nation. He is a man who is well versed in numerous languages. He is sound in his arguments and boasts superior intelligence to his peers. He is an alumni of the world’s most prestigious universities and leader of the Panther clan.

He is Black Panther. He is no loony superhero with a vengeance or a twisted definition of justice wearing tights and prancing around running away from authorities. He is a king. And people often forget this.

Screenshot (5621)

Christopher Priest, one of the comic book greats, had a long run on Black Panther. As the third volume of this iconic king of Wakanda, Priest penned Black Panther (62 issues, 1998-2003) and gave T’Challa real substance. An unmatched respect amongst Earthlings. Even the mighty Thor has to yawp and remind people who he is…an Asgardian Prince..and people still take him for granted. But never with T’Challa. He calls the Avengers his friends but is never really part of the superhero band. He never plays anyone’s tune. He marches on his own leitmotif.

Screenshot (5622)

Hence, the Black Panther film will be really important to not only the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but to the image of Comic Book Movies itself. It will bring respect to the comic book industry. And we have Christopher Priest’s excellent character development to thank for.

And I’m really glad that Marvel respect the work done by Priest and in that honour they have soundly cast Chadwick Boseman as T’Challa. Chadwick is a classy actor. He knows how to carry himself around. Having been the star of two acclaimed biopics, one concerning an African-American’s struggle and overcoming of racial segregation in early 1900’s America…it is commendable that Marvel saw in him the King and quickly declared him as the Black Panther.

The Black Panther storyline itself is a game changer. Aye, there have been several superheroes of coloured origin in comic books. But have any of them really stood out of the clichés that surround their races? I do not think so. There have been Muslim superheroes and superheroines, and African-Americans, and several others….but they’ve all given off a vibe of *O yeah…we are here to fill the equality vacuum*. It is only the Black Panther who really commands true and untainted authority. Intelligence. He is a brilliant character. He is a hard act to follow, someone who is worthy to look up to.

Screenshot (5623)

Let me brief you on his history.

The Black Panther comics are very gritty in the manner that they are political and social in nature. They deal with the issues of inequality, rights of the commonwealth and other matters that concern the people. It is semi noir in nature and intelligently written.

T’Challa is the king of Wakanda, a fictional African nation the size of New Jersey. Wakanda – in Marvel Universe – is the most technologically advanced nation on earth. It is the only source of the magic metal Vibranium; the aforementioned metal has absorbing abilities, also it is impenetrable. Any blow against the metal leads to the metal absorbing the vibrations and the force that comes with the impact and strengthening itself even more. Captain America’s shield is made of the same metal, acquired by Iron Man’s father Howard Stark, albeit in questionable circumstances. It is also the same metal that the evil AI Ultron is made of.

Apart from being a mine for Vibranium, Wakanda boasts technological advancement in several aspects of science, medicine, security and engineering. Wakandan engineers are pure geniuses. Wakanda is respected and feared all over the world…it is always hidden from foreigners…just a wee less than Attilan…and has a tight foreign policy.

The people of Wakanda do not trust foreigners easily….and rightly so. They say the outside world is corrupted beyond repair and has not only forgotten basic morality but has also sadly forsaken humanity. They like to keep their country a safe haven for good will. Captain America loves it there.

T’Challa was crowned when he was just 14. His father T’Chaka died at the hands of Ulysses Klaw, T’Challa’s arch-nemesis played by Andy Serkis of Gollum/Smeagol fame in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

T’Challa had received super strength, agility and immensely sharp senses through the consumption of a rare flower’s extracts. He was also anointed leader of the Panther clan, a spiritual and military faction of Wakanda, revered by one and all therein.

Hence, he has no superhero costume. The cat-suit he wears is a ceremonial garb and his name Black Panther is a title bestowed unto him by the sacred Panther Spirits.

T’Challa is a calculating man; he is a philanthropist, a scientist, an engineer, a martial artist, and a man boasting an I.Q equal to Sherlock Holmes. He is a clairvoyant solely through practice. He foresees politics and danger much before it is executed.

He is uncompromising in his values. He is a man who is all about staying true to his values and ethics. He is focused, resolute and unwavering.

He is often unrestrained when he puts his mind to something. He never issues an apology for controversial decisions that need to be taken in times of turmoil. He looks to the greater good, always counting potential casualty.

Such a hero…a king of an African nation unspoilt by any invasion from the west, a man whose nation stands on its own feet with no aid from any outside source. A hero who needn’t run away or hide from any authority; a man who isn’t an alien to earth, a man who is someone from amongst us yet superior.

boseman1-the-black-panther-chadwick-boseman-speaks He is a hero movie-goers do not need, but a hero we all truly deserve. It will be a delight to see Chadwick Boseman deal with the likes of the determined loyalist Hunter, the looney psychopathic schizophrenic murdering usurper Achebe and his arch nemesis, foe of his kin, slayer of the king, robber of his father’s soul, treacherous ambitious selfish man of heartless science: Ulysses Klaw.

serkispanther Screenshot (5619)

And aye…it will be a lot of fun to see our very dear Mister Ross too. (I smiled). Ross is the narrator of Black Panther’s adventures and exploits in the comic books written by Christopher Priest. He is a White House representative, an Oxford alumni who is a wunderkid, a strong lawyer…but also a geeky, nerdy, half shy-half cocky happy go lucky doof, a personal ambassador and representative of the United States to King T’Challa…and a great, loyal and adorable friend. He is Peter Parker with an acute angle. I cannot wait to see who is cast in that particular role. He is will be the comedy catalyst for the grim and rarely smiling T’Challa. Marvel films need to have comedy as must…and he is that doofus sidekick who will provide us with a ton of that.

Whatever storyline or storylines are used as inspirations for the live-action adaptation, it will be revolutionary. It is a shame that I need to wait till 2017 for the film. So long…so very long to wait.

~ Zalysar Cuvegis

Here’s Why The Suicide Squad Will Make For An Excellent Film.

Superhero team-ups are all cool and exciting, be it Justice League or the Avengers. But, come on…they bring a lot of melodrama and goody two shoes emotions with them. Well, technically the Avengers are less on the melodrama than the Justice League…anyway must not get into the Marvel vs DC conflict.

Then you have normal heist movie team-ups like the Fast & The Furious series. Well, they are raunchy and fun. But what truly makes for a totally bad-ass team up? Supervillains!

And the Suicide Squad is the raunchiest super powered team up one could assemble.

What have we here? Deadshot, Rick Flagg, Boomerang, Enchantress, Harley frickin’ Quinn and…the Joker!

Screenshot (4640)

So, the 1st reason for Suicide Squad’s success is: Harley and the Joker together.


They are played by Margot Robbie and Jared Leto…two excellent actors who have the right looks, ample eccentricity and the charisma to pull it off.


I have already mentioned how Jared Leto is the perfect Joker. His immaculate Joker laugh, his facial features, his lanky frame and his success at being a great method actor…he is a showman…an eccentric showman, and isn’t that what the Joker is all about?


Margot Robbie. She is a beauty with the right amount of crazy in her. I remember there was a scene in The Wolf of Wall Street..when she speaks exactly like Harley Quinn…eerie right? When she was conversing with Leonardo di Caprio, teasing him.


I cannot wait to see the two hit it off on screen. Filming for the Suicide Squad starts in April this year. And the film releases in August 2016, a perfect birthday gift for me!

Then there are the other aspects of the Suicide Squad. A chance to see a band of villains with fiery egos trying to work together while creating a grand spectacle of destruction….don’t we love supervillain team-ups? All those fanboys at Screenrant saying this film will bomb are fools. This film will be a runaway success!

I want to see Harley being Harley…I hope any of you readers are reading the ongoing Harley Quinn series…there are 13 chapters out already and a Christmas special too. That Christmas one is a treat, if you know what I mean.

Secondly, I like Will Smith as Deadshot. As opposed to fanboys complaining over the change of race, Floyd Lawton in Batman: Assault on Arkham wasn’t exactly a Caucasian fellow and he looked similar to Will Smith. So, we mustn’t be complaining.

Rick Flagg and Boomerang will both be great conflict makers; they will have their very own squabbles and contests with Deadshot.

The Enchantress is a sexy one, though I do not mean Harley is any less sexy. But, it will be refreshing to see a magical element to the DC Cinematic Universe. I think she will have traits of Poison Ivy as well.

Thirdly, it is David Ayer directing. If anyone has seen Fury, they will know how good Ayer is at assembling rag tag mercenaries. And he knows how to choreograph his fight scenes. He loves assemble films and films with guns. Its his treat and he will share the goods with us gleefully. The film is in safe hands. Fury was an awesome film to watch. Ayer is both directiing and writing the script for the film. I am glad.

Fourthly, there will be a Batman cameo! Heck, if anyone has seen Assault on Arkham it could mean that it would be more than just a cameo for Batfleck. How bloody cool is that!

Fifthly, we will see this directly tie in with the future movies, with a potential brief conflict between The Joker and Batman.

I am losing my breath with nerdgasms right now.

Sixthly, there will be a cameo from Lex Luthor.

And Seventhly: Amanda Waller. Her name is enough.

To conclude, I think this will be the most entertaining DC film in the entire DC Universe…not grim and sombre and  tense, it’d be badass…with real badasses helming it.

Bring on the Suicide Squad Amanda Waller!

~ Zalysar Cuvegis

The Oscar Reviews: In Appreciation of the Birdman Soundtrack (and everything else in it!)

Oscar night is up next month. Save American Sniper the contenders for the Best Motion Picture Award are flawless.

BoyhoodSelmaThe Grand Budapest HotelThe Imitation GameThe Theory of EverythingWhiplash and Birdman (also known as The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance). I have absolutely adored every single aforementioned film. My first view of the contenders was The Grand Budapest, and I loved every itty bitty bit of it because: Wes Anderson!

Benedict Cumberbatch gave a gut wrenching performance in The Imitation Game and Eddie Redmayne made sure he gives Smaug a fight to the announcements with an uncannily terrific performance as Professor Stephen Hawking. Richard Linklater’s Boyhood saw Ethan Hawke return for yet another decade spanning film, and to see Ellar Coltrane grow up on screen in just under 3 hours was beautiful. Selma and Whiplash were hauntingly endearing to watch.

But the film I abso-frickin-lately enjoyed is  Alejandro González Iñárritu‘s Birdman.


And my number one reason for it? The Soundtrack. THE SOUNDTRACK. It bloody deserves an Oscar. Antonio Sanchez has already won an award at the Venice Film Festival, where the film debuted in September. The soundtrack in the film, which is mostly comprised of captivating drums reminiscent of the New York street music scene, has a life of its own; it is an active player, the most important character in the film. Its outright genius. It draws you in, it bloody draws you into the claustrophobic lobbies and gives you a rush. It maintains a constant playful, energetic and lively upbeat; gives you an effing adrenaline rush. It also keeps the comic undertone of the film up and cawing from start to end. I’d run out of parables to describe it if it were performed right before me.


To make sure the drums don’t have too much on their delicate shoulders, the camera work by Emmanuel Lubezki is so intimate and exciting. I love the handheld camera work, especially when it works hand in hand with the soundtrack every time a character walks through the iconic lobbies. I enjoyed the pace of the cameraman and the very personal angles at times, like the one where Michael Keaton is highlighted from under his chin and the other when Edward Norton is followed around. Also noteworthy is the lighting in the film. I love the lights. They capture New York’s Theatre scene in its crudest beauty. I love the soft glows, the faint hues, the shadow work. It is an irreplaceable mood setter of the film.

_AF_6405.CR2 Now transcending to the next cog of this enigmatic piece of cinema: the performers. Michael Keaton and Edward Norton steal the show from the get go. Edward Norton is my all time favourite actor and he was one of the first reasons for me to watch this film. And O boy, did he perform! That cheeky bastard brought his usual behaviour with directors into his performance and rocked it naturally. A moment he is this eccentric douche nozzle – aye, that’s my term for an A-hole; it sounds cute to say out aloud – another moment he is this semi manipulative do gooder; and then he is on the stage being a natural perfectionist knowing his trade like his own twisted brain. He is connected to Naomi Watts, to Emma Stone, to Michael Keaton…and he sort of brings them all together while he keeps his calm and chills in the isolation chamber of his brain.

birdman-21-258-3 Michael Keaton – the titular Birdman – must have had several tongue in cheek moments throughout the course of the film’s shooting. Birdman, in this film, was released in the year 1992, somewhere around the same time as Michael Keaton’s Batman films. And he is pretty much super famous for being Batman…I mean the whole “I am Batman!” thing started off with him, he owns that line. In the film, under a different name, he is famous for literally the same role; albeit that of a feather donning superhero.

birdman-2014-movie-review-21803177 It might have been easy for him to play the character, showing off to the audiences a inhibited and riddled-with-befuddlement side of his which he possibly hides post his Batman days. In other words, it was a well paying and very, very satisfactory exercise in unburdening expression for Mister Bruce Wayne.

That other growling baritone voice in his head – reminiscent of his Batman time – was unapologetically straightforward, and very funny. It was a joy to watch all sides of Michael Keaton – the scared wuss, the egotistical douche nozzle, the passionate actor, the compassionate father, the inconsiderate colleague, the determined director, the nervous producer, and the fantastical Birdman!

birdman_stone Emma Stone was fun. She is always fun to watch. She is adorable and she knows it, yet she loves snarking like a puppy and owns it like a boss. Her character was refreshing to watch; she’s got absolutely nothing to do with the production, she contributes zilch, and only goes around being a chatter who wants to be a loner…in short the perfectly imperfect broken child of a once famous and 40s crisis hit actor. I love how she is messed up in the head and goes straight for the guy who is mano-a-mano with her dad. All she wants is her escape and she will find it one way or another. In conclusion, she was fun.

Screenshot (4595) Naomi Watts is a lovely lady. I have sort of a crush on her since her Peter Jackson’s King Kong days. That does not cloud my examination of her performances though, and in all honesty she seldom disappoints. Her desperation to realise her broadway dream, a somewhat similar role to one of her old movies, was a nice angle to view from.

Screenshot (4589)The scene where she is weeping and self loathing, knowing not what to do with herself even though she is passionate and when Michael Keaton barges in and gives her a powerful pep talk and leaves, that was great to watch. In seconds she transforms from a nervous self critic to a confident babe and schools Andrea Riseborough before making out affectionately with her.

Screenshot (4594)Andrea Riseborough is a talented and truly charming actress and she deserves more prominent roles on a frequent basis like this one. She carries herself really well in the role of a confident yet doubtful actress.

Screenshot (4592) Her character is feisty and likes to take the cream off the shake for herself. She knows her place in the production and knows how to get things done around and be there for her colleagues/lovers/friends.

Andrea Riseborough

Amy Ryan was our bridge to Michael Keaton’s past and present and family in the film. She is the sympathetic voice of reason, the unforgiving divorcee and a nostalgic lover who is afraid of her past yet reminisces its glory moments.

And lastly Zach Galifianakis. I missed this man. He was less comedy and more of an authority in the film, but nevertheless attention grabbing (in the right sense). 

Fun fact: Michael Keaton, Edward Norton and Emma Stone – the three protagonists of the film – have all played superhero and comic book characters in the past; namely Batman, The Hulk and Gwen Stacy.


To conclude, everyone was right to eagerly anticipate the film. Its worth every dime. It replenishes that broadway dream inside of you and takes you on a little tour of the theatre’s perilous mirths with an endearing camera and an awesome soundtrack. Its my joint favourite for the win with The Grand Budapest Hotel.

My ratings are much like IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes, but a little more fair as this was truly flawless: straight 10 on 10, a 100 on 100.

~ Zalysar Cuvegis

Jared Leto Is The Joker From The Killing Joke (And He Has Fulfilled Our Sadistic Desires)

Cesar Romero, Jack Nicholson and Heath Ledger have all played the Joker to great success, and I respect them for their hard work. Poor Heath lost his life in the process, may he rest in peace.

But, I’ve always been terribly annoyed by the fact that there has never been a single movie interpretation of the Joker exactly like the Joker of Detective Comics.


We have never seen a lanky, lithe, slim faced, long jawed crazed diva version of the Joker ever. Personally, I do not accept a Joker who doesn’t look like the Joker. We’ve always had stout, broad faced and old jokers. It is irksome.

Thankfully, DC has finally answered our wants. And has given us Jared Leto the Joker. Jared Leto’s Joker is literally the singlemost awesomest thing in DC Cinematic Universe I am terribly terribly impatient to see. And the reasons for it are more than just valid. I want to see him pull off a Killing Joke joker in a Killing Joke film adaptation. I insist that The Killing Joke be adapted…this is the best time for it to be adapted. Jared Leto is the Joker, Ben Affleck is Batman.


Jared Leto is:

a) Lanky and Lithe

b) Has played a nasal voiced Diva (Rayon in Dallas Buyers’ Club, the role that landed him an Oscar)

c) Is an eccentric showman

d) Has that slim face and long jaw and

e) Laughs exactly like the Joker.

It is truly obligatory then for every Joker fan and yet to be fan to eagerly anticipate The Joker’s reveal come August 2016 in David Ayer’s Suicide Squad. Or mayhap we will have him much before that through set photos, promotional photos and videos and teasers. 2016 cannot get better for DC!

jared_leto_as_joker_by_sonic1002-d88wnck jared_leto_as_the_joker_by_mubassam-d861ejt 1025857554089840811 leto-620x330

We finally have the Joker in our midst, and he will be the very embodiment of the Clown Prince of Crime. He will be regarded as the greatest Joker to ever grace live action. He is a brilliant method actor who transforms himself completely for the designated role: example Rayon.

And here is Jared Leto laughing exactly like Joker in this 14 second clip from a 2009 film.

~ Zalysar Cuvegis

Marvel’s Inhumans Movie Casting: Black Bolt

When Kevin Feige announced the roster of Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 3, I rocketed up to Kree and returned seeing The Inhumans title. There is nothing bigger in this Marvel Cinematic Universe than the adaptation of the heavily underrated yet supremely awesome The Inhumans Comics.

The Inhumans are the most ancient race on planet Earth, speculated ancestors of the X-Men, and spawns of Kree Genetic Experiments. They are a population of 4000 living in the City-State of Attilan, currently on the blue side of the moon. If you were wowed by the X-Men, then these special humans will take you off the planet. Being my favourite comic series from Stan Lee, I cannot emphasize the importance of this adaptation.

As it is set to release in 2018, I am starting my own little campaign to promote my preferred casting choices for the film’s protagonists.

In my first post I focused on Lady Medusa and now I continue with His Majesty Black Bolt.


A Brief of Black Bolt 

Blackagar Boltagon – commonly known as Black Bolt – is the king of the Inhumans and a superhero who shrouds his unrelenting power in meditative silence. He is not too popular amongst those outside ultimate Marveldom, for reasons I still cannot deduce.

Blackagar Boltagon The Black Bolt

Blackagar Boltagon The Black Bolt

He exercises sovereignty over electrons, manipulating them at his will. He wields within his unassuming throat a force so devastating that at his full strength his single scream can destroy planets in its wake. And his cries are enough to sunder the earth and crumble mountains. His whisper can rock a ginormous battleship.

His hypersonic scream is the reason why he meditates every night to make sure he doesn’t utter a sigh in his sleep. His greatest strength – feared by one and all in the universe – is also his vulnerability. Afraid of his nihilistic speech, Blackbolt never speaks and is at caution at all times. He cannot laugh at a joke, he cannot cry, he cannot sneeze, he cannot cough. He is doomed to remain in absolute silence. And this is what makes him so great – his sacrifice.

His electron manipulation also grants him otherworldly powers apart from hypersonic scream. His terrigen-mist induced physique is abnormally strong – even for Inhumans. His reflexes, his durability, his strength and stamina; his agility and his speed; his concussive blasts…they are way beyond the likes of super powered Inhumans.

blacbolt closeup2

An organic mechanism in his brain’s speech center enables him to harness electrons in the very atmosphere. His quasi-sonic scream is one such effect.

The antenna – which looks like a fork – is worn on his forehead and helps him channel his powers in various ways. He can channel them inwards and enhance his strength and speed, can render himself immune to telepathic manipulation and focus the same through his arms to unleash concussive blasts.

He can concentrate electrons into anti-electrons and travel at speeds up to 500 miles per hour without slowing down for upto 6 hours – protected by anti-graviton force field. This gave him the title Black Bolt.

He can also create impenetrable force fields and and manifest interaction fields that are able enough to be traversed upon successfully.


He is wise in his silence and can communicate semi telepathically with his kin – the royals, primarily with his lover and queen Medusa…who is his sole herald to his courtiers, his commonwealth and everyone else.

Inhuman Lovers

Inhuman Lovers

He has been aided the most by his unquestioning and faithful wife Medusa. They are a romance ancient and pure and one that extends beyond the norm. He has also been hindered on several occasions by his brother and arch-nemesis Maximus the Mad.

Black Bolt has been undefeated in battle and has brought down the likes of Apocalypse, Thanos, The Hulk. He is known to surrender to his foes on several occasions for the sake of sparing everyone else from his true wrath.

The Scream of Death

The Scream of Death

So, here is my list of actors who could wear the darkling garb of Blackagar Boltagon and reign over the Inhumans in the upcoming film. I am excluding Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Black Bolt from the list because he is cast as Baron Mordo in the upcoming Doctor Strange film.

I list the below mentioned 4 actors according to preference.

  1. Alexander Skarsgård
  2. Alex O’Loughlin
  3. Garrett Hedlund
  4. Jensen Ackles
Contenders to the Throne

Contenders to the Throne

Alexander Skarsgård

alexander-skarsgard-covers-mens-journal-october-2011-02Extremely popular with the ladies for his role in the HBO series True Blood, Alexander son of Stellan Skarsgård is my first choice for the role of the Silent King. Standing tall at 6 feet and 4 1/2 inches, and sporting an enviable physique, he is fit to tower over his peers and foes as Blackagar.

He also has the jawline and extremely emotive eyes for the role.

But the real reason why he is my number one choice is because of his brother Gustav Skarsgård, who plays Floki in the History Channel drama The Vikings. tumblr_lzj2t0Kqpa1qicd2n

Gustav Skarsgård is my favourite for the role of Maximus Boltagon, the antagonist of the Inhumans series. Gustav plays the role of a mad, cunning, devilish genius as Floki in the Vikings…similar to Maximus in the Inhumans.

Wouldn’t it be delightful to watch Alexander and Gustav go against each other as brothers in the Inhumans? They can pull off the chemistry in the most natural of ways due to their real blood bond.

Alex O’Loughlin

Alex-OLoughlin-CelebHealthy_comThe beefy Australian actor is known for his Cop role in the series Hawaii Five-0 and also for the film August Rush. But again, he is relatively unknown yet a great choice for the role.

At 6 feet and 1 inches, his physique and features match those of Black Bolt and his role as a cop has him accustomed to action roles. I’d keep him in the shortlist if I were the casting director.

Garrett Hedlund

garrett-hedlundMy second choice for the role is Garrett Hedlund. He has been cast as James Hook in the upcoming Hugh Jackman adaptation of Peter Pan titled ‘Pan‘.

He is 6 feet and 2 inches tall and sports a chiselled jawline and has a face too popular with the ladies. His acting chops are great as well and he is not a newcomer to action oriented roles playing Patroclus in Troy and Sam Flynn in Tron: Legacy.

Being a relatively unpopular face, he would also help give Black Bolt his own identity rather than overwhelming the role with utmost popularity which is the case with most casting suggestions for Black Bolt.

Jensen Ackles

The CW Network's 2014 Upfront PresentationThe most popular actor in this list, Jensen Ackles is too famous for playing Sam Winchester in the television series Supernatural. Once again a 6 feet plus tall actor with features similar to Black Bolt, he is the most talented of the lot in this list as well.

He was rumoured to play the Dark Knight in the upcoming Mega film Batman vs Superman before Ben Affleck was given the role. It is high time he plays the lead in a big name franchise; and with Supernatural likely to come to an end in the next couple of years, he will have the free time to be the King of the Inhumans.

Let’s admit, we all want to see him as a superhero.

Next up is the brother of Blackagar: Maximus the Mad.

 ~ Zalysar Cuvegis


Marvel’s Inhumans Movie Casting: Medusa

When Kevin Feige announced the roster of Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 3, I rocketed up to Kree and returned seeing The Inhumans title. There is nothing bigger in this Marvel Cinematic Universe than the adaptation of the heavily underrated yet supremely awesome The Inhumans Comics.

The Inhumans are the most ancient race on planet Earth, speculated ancestors of the X-Men, and spawns of Kree Genetic Experiments. They are a population of 4000 living in the City-State of Attilan, currently on the blue side of the moon. If you were wowed by the X-Men, then these special humans will take you off the planet. Being my favourite comic series from Stan Lee, I cannot emphasize the importance of this adaptation.

As it is set to release in 2018, I am starting my own little campaign to promote my preferred casting choices for the film’s protagonists. And I start with my darling Lady Medusa.

A Brief of Medusa   

Medusalith Amaquelin Boltagon. A Queen to the people of Attilan and a wife to the majestic Blackbolt. Her gorgeous rouge tresses are the vines of death. She is revered by both friends and foes and her beauty is subject to the lust of Maximus the Mad, the estranged brother of Blackagar.

Medusa the Ethereal

Medusa the Ethereal Queen

Though Blackbolt is the most important Inhuman, Medusa is quintessential to the well-being of the City-State of Attilan. She is the voice of the ever silent yet truly awesome Blackbolt and looks over all matters of the state with a regal confidence. She has high moral values and is the fiercest of warriors, particularly when her family and allies are under threat.

The most powerful royal couple to ever live.

The most powerful royal couple to ever live.

She was granted the power of psionically animated hair by the Terrigen Mists. When compared to an iron wire, her tresses are several times stronger, more elastic and resistant. She can lift insane amounts of weight with her hair. Her body does not bear the brunt of any weight that she undertakes to lift. Rather, it is the psionic power of her hair that balances it all. She can assign independent tasks to every lock of hers and can extend their length to her liking.

An Artist's rendition of Bald Medusa

An Artist’s rendition of Bald Medusa

She also can control her tresses even after they are severed from her head. This was showcased in the penultimate volume of The Inhumans 1998-1999 series where she brought down a generator with her hair even after Maximus the Mad had chopped her hair.

It is important to understand that in her most favourable portrayals, she has been depicted with symmetrical beauty and a visage bearing intelligence. So, here is my list of red head actresses who could play the elegant queen of Attilan.


Here are my 4 candidates listed according to preference:

1) Bryce Dallas Howard

2) Jaime Ray Newman

3) Lotte Verbeek

4) Alicia Witt

Beauties with Grace

Beauties with Grace

Bryce Dallas Howard 

She is blessed with Inhuman beauty

She is blessed with Inhuman beauty

She wrapped my mind and whispered “I am Medusa” the moment I thought of a casting for the Atillan Queen. In fact, I’m going to make sure her casting rumours are spread wild enough to be considered seriously for the role.

Bryce Dallas Howard is the daughter of Director Ron Howard. She starred in M. Night Shyamalan’s Village and Lady in the Water. In 2006 she received a Golden Globe Nomination for her role in As You Like It.

She was then cast as Gwen Stacy in Spiderman 3 and it brought her much fame. She also appeared in Twilight Eclipse and Terminator Salvation.

Lady Bryce

She has been cast in a starring role in The Jurassic World (2015) alongside Irrfan Khan and Chris Pratt.

She will do justice to the grace and ethereal beauty of Lady Medusa. I insist that readers ponder over this choice and spread the word…after all rumours do play a part in movie casting sometimes.

Jaime Ray Newman


When – for the sake of this blogpost – I considered including a few more options for the role, Jaime Ray Newman was the first actress for the list.

Popular for her role of Kristina Cassidine in the 2002 Televison Drama General Hospital, she has also played alongside Leonardo Di Caprio in the acclaimed biopic Catch Me If You Can.

She is currently a series regular in Red Widow and Mind Games.

Entertainment Weekly And Women In Film's Pre-Emmy Party

She has had guest roles in several notable Television Dramas, namely Stargate: Atlantis, CSI, Veronica Mars, Happy Family, Supernatural, Bones, Criminal Minds, Heroes, CSI: NY, Grimm & Castle.

She would be a great choice for the role of Medusa. She has the beauty and acting chops for the role.

Lotte Verbeek

The Tamer of Rodrigo Borgia

The Tamer of Rodrigo Borgia

I absolutely adore this lady. She played Giulia Farnese in my all time favourite Televison Drama The Borgias (I hate the producers for cancelling it after the 3rd season). As the Mistress of Pope Alexander Rodrigo Borgia, she was handed a really important role. And she owned it like the Queen she is.

Active in all three seasons of the Costume Drama, her character was that of Medusa in many ways. She, for one, looked after the accounting and several other departments of the Vatican and turned the fortunes of Rome’s underprivileged. Lover to the brilliant Jeremy Irons, she played the soothing presence of Medusa to Blackbolt already in the show.

I cannot stress how amazing this actress is and how graceful too. And now that I’m typing this, I wish in one corner of my heart that she gets the role of Medusa. Lotte-Verbeek

She is an award winning Dutch Actress and has appeared in the film adaptation of The Fault In Our Stars and stars alongside Graham McTavish in the Scottish Drama The Outlander.

This lady is class and worth calling to audition for.

Alicia Witt 

Beauty with Prodigal Brains

Beauty with Prodigal Brains

A manifestation of her surname, Alicia Witt is the smartest lady on this list.

A child prodigy, she read College Textbooks at the shocking young age of Two. Yes. A two year old toddler reading college textbooks. And such people don’t garner rave fame in this modern age.

Fame poured her way when she was cast in the 1984 David Lynch film Dune as a child actress.

She also guess starred in the David Lynch Televison Series Twin Peaks. Alicia Witt (1)

She is a film, stage & TV actor, a singer-songwriter and a pianist. Few of her on-camera works include roles in The Sopranos, The Mentalist, Mr. Holland’s Opus, Person of Interest, Friday Night Lights, Justified, The Librarians, CSI: Miami, Two and a Half Men, Law & Order and The Twilight Zone.

If I were the casting director, I’d seriously consider her for the role.

Let us know in the comments who do you think is the perfect choice for the role amongst these four.

Next up is the casting for The Undefeated, Majesty Incarnate Blackagar Bolt – King of Attilan and the greatest Superhero to have ever existed.

~ Zalysar Cuvegis