Maggy The Frog

Got Fandom?

“Maggy the Frog”, was a fortune-teller from Lannisport in the Westerlands. The Westerlands are ruled by House Lannister where the ruling lord is normally Warden Of The West. Maggy arrived in Lannisport as a young woman. She was brought by her husband from the east. He had been trading spices in the east. Their son was the founder of House Spicer. As a girl, Cersei Lannister looked for Maggy after hearing whispers of her magical powers. Jeyne Farman, Cersei & Melara Hetherspoon journeyed to her during the tourney for King Aerys II’s visit to the Westerlands, at which Cersei became besotted with Prince Rhaegar Targaryen.

Jeyne ran away at the sight of Maggy’s yellow eyes. She refused to tell the futures of the remaining girls, but eventually agreed faced with Cersei’s threats. Typical Cersei making threats, even as a child. She consented that Cersei only ask three questions and made…

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