Jared Leto Is The Joker From The Killing Joke (And He Has Fulfilled Our Sadistic Desires)

Cesar Romero, Jack Nicholson and Heath Ledger have all played the Joker to great success, and I respect them for their hard work. Poor Heath lost his life in the process, may he rest in peace.

But, I’ve always been terribly annoyed by the fact that there has never been a single movie interpretation of the Joker exactly like the Joker of Detective Comics.


We have never seen a lanky, lithe, slim faced, long jawed crazed diva version of the Joker ever. Personally, I do not accept a Joker who doesn’t look like the Joker. We’ve always had stout, broad faced and old jokers. It is irksome.

Thankfully, DC has finally answered our wants. And has given us Jared Leto the Joker. Jared Leto’s Joker is literally the singlemost awesomest thing in DC Cinematic Universe I am terribly terribly impatient to see. And the reasons for it are more than just valid. I want to see him pull off a Killing Joke joker in a Killing Joke film adaptation. I insist that The Killing Joke be adapted…this is the best time for it to be adapted. Jared Leto is the Joker, Ben Affleck is Batman.


Jared Leto is:

a) Lanky and Lithe

b) Has played a nasal voiced Diva (Rayon in Dallas Buyers’ Club, the role that landed him an Oscar)

c) Is an eccentric showman

d) Has that slim face and long jaw and

e) Laughs exactly like the Joker.

It is truly obligatory then for every Joker fan and yet to be fan to eagerly anticipate The Joker’s reveal come August 2016 in David Ayer’s Suicide Squad. Or mayhap we will have him much before that through set photos, promotional photos and videos and teasers. 2016 cannot get better for DC!

jared_leto_as_joker_by_sonic1002-d88wnck jared_leto_as_the_joker_by_mubassam-d861ejt 1025857554089840811 leto-620x330

We finally have the Joker in our midst, and he will be the very embodiment of the Clown Prince of Crime. He will be regarded as the greatest Joker to ever grace live action. He is a brilliant method actor who transforms himself completely for the designated role: example Rayon.

And here is Jared Leto laughing exactly like Joker in this 14 second clip from a 2009 film.

~ Zalysar Cuvegis


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