The Gravedigger: Is Sandor Clegane Still Alive?

Got Fandom?

Hypothesis: The Hound is not dead but in fact alive at the Quiet Isle living the life of a monk.

In the season four finale (The Children) Arya leaves The Hound to die at the edge of a cliff after losing a duel with Brienne Of Tarth. In the books he is critically injured at the crossroads inn. This is the inn in which they appear in episode one of season 4. The renowned phrase “Lots Of Cunts” comes to mind and many references to chickens. Many fans such as myself have resorted to the ideology that nobody is dead in A Song Of Ice & Fire/Game Of Thrones if we do not see the body or it is not directly said that this person is dead. Implied meanings are a no fly zone. We do not see his body or see him die. It is merely implied in the…

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