Here’s Why Marvel Should Cast Katheryn Winnick as Ms. Marvel

Don't let the looks deceive you, she will cut off your manhood in a jiffy.

Don’t let the looks deceive you, she will cut off your manhood in a jiffy.

I am a Marvel fanboy; I always have and always will be. They are bold, smart, confident and thorough with their research. I adore the direction Marvel Cinematic Universe has been taking. Finally, we will have the lesser known (to non comic fans) yet brilliant superheroes make the world of comicbook-to-cinema more diverse than it ever has been in the past 50 years.

There is one superhero who is adored by all Marvel fanboys and fangirls. She has been both a fantasy and a fan favourite of many. Including mine. From Miss Carol Denvers to Kamala Khan, all women to take up the mantle have been awesome.

But, it is most likely that Carol Denvers will take up the role of Miss Marvel in the upcoming film adaptation.

So, the question here is: Who the heck will Marvel cast as Denvers?

Surely, most fans will come up with the usual roster of famous, pretty blondes. But, Marvel loves going away from the usual names and finding actors who fit the bill perfectly.

For that reason I strongly veto against any actor except Katheryn Winnick.

For those unfamiliar with the actor, she is the co-star of History Channel’s successful costume drama The Vikings.

Playing the role of Lagertha Lothbrok, wife of the protagonist Ragnar Lothbrok – king of the Vikings, she embodies everything needed for the role of Miss Marvel.

To begin with, you won’t find a hotter actor for the role than Miss Winnick who can kick serious ass.

She plays f***ing Lagertha after all, one of the legendary Scandinavian characters of the Sagas. She is a Shieldmaiden who is so good at being badass that *spoilers* she is sought after by the hunks of the show for protection and support in battle. And she is also feared by one and all, never shying away from threatening to castrate anyone with prying eyes.

She knows how to be commanding, agile, strong, relentlessly badass and seductive.

And she has the physique and the features that fit the role of Ms. Marvel.

I mean, look at her! Look at that face. The blue eyes, the perfect blonde hair and the delicate yet accentuated Eastern European grace on her face.

She also has a voice that entices.

Moreover, playing the role of Lagertha in a series as super-hit as The Vikings, she knows how to handle pressure really well.

I refuse to see anyone else in the role (though Miss Tamsin Egerton of Camelot fame hovers in my overthinking brain).

Let me know your take and also the suggestions you have in store.

I am making teeny high pitched puppy sounds in my room dreaming this.

~ Zalysar Cuvegis.